About Us

CarbPure was created to supply activated carbon products engineered specifically for the municipal drinking water purification market. Since our founding in 2015, we have successfully worked with 100+ municipal drinking water operations to meet their purification needs.

Our customers enjoy reliable, consistent supply and a dedicated customer service team who is focused on helping you meet your goals. CarbPure Technologies is part of the Advanced Emissions Solutions, Inc. group of companies (NASDAQ: ADES).

World Class Supply Chain

The primary base material used in our CarbPure powdered activated carbon products is lignite coal mined within 20 miles of our plant.

Manufacturing is handled primarily at our state-ofthe- art plant in Coushatta, Louisiana with over 150 million pounds per year of production capacity.

Our redundant secondary plant in Natchitoches, LA has a nominal 60M pounds of finish capability located approximately 30 miles from main plant.

On-site Testing Lab

Our products are subject to sample collecting throughout the manufacturing process and testing in our on-site labs. We use specialized equipment to ensure all products meet ASTM standards.

Dedicated Delivery Fleet

CarbPure products are readily available through a dedicated pneumatic trucking fleet in excess of 95 bulk trailers and 150 railcars

Activated Carbon Products for Water Treatment

CarbPure Technology offers a broad line of high quality powdered activated carbon (PAC) and granular activated carbon (GAC) products ideally suited for treatment of potable water and wastewater.

CarbPure products are made from lignite coal and other base materials that are activated under carefully controlled conditions. The result is a range of products designed for enhanced removal of taste/odor compounds, TOC/DOC, a wide variety of organic chemicals, and harmful algal toxins.

All CarbPure drinking products meet ANSI/AWWA B600 standards and are certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 61.

Product Benefits

  • Designed specifically for water treatment
  • Effective pore structure for organics and taste/odor compounds
  • Optimized particle size to provide good suspension in water being treated


Vertically Integrated

Sourced from various raw materials including lignite coal mined near our state-of-the-art production plant in Louisiana.

Supply Security

CarbPure products are manufactured primarily in Coushatta, Louisiana and delivered on our dedicated rail and truck fleet

Engineered for Purification

Our advanced PAC and GAC products are designed and manufactured for optimal performance in a wide variety of purification applications.


CarbPure Technologies was formed in 2015, and is an affiliate of ADA Carbon Solutions, LLC (ADA-CS). ADA-CS has been selling activated carbon to the electric power generation and drinking water industries since 2010 and has supplied PAC to over 100 different municipal drinking water plants. CarbPure was created specifically to supply activated carbon products produced by ADA-CS directly to the municipal drinking water purification market. In the fourth quarter of 2018, ADA-CS was acquired by Advanced Emission Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADES) and CarbPure became part of the Advanced Emission Solutions, Inc. group of companies.

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