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Powdered & Granular Activated Carbon

Ideally suited for treatment of potable water


CarbPure PAC

Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC) is an industry standard for water treatment. CarbPure provides several series of PAC products that are specifically engineered for purification, domestically produced, and meet regulatory certifications and standards. CarbPure’s portfolio of products have exhibited the ability to effectively remove taste and odor causing contaminates from drinking water.

Our technical experts work collaboratively with our customers to select the appropriate product suited for their specific treatment objectives. All of our products are available for delivery via dedicated pneumatic bulk trailers and super sack (or bulk bag) packaging.


CarbPure’s portfolio of powdered activated carbons are entirely made from virgin materials and carefully activated to create properties specifically designed for the enhanced treatment of water in the potable water industry; all products meet the current AWWA B600 standards and are certified to NSF/ANSI 61. Product performance is geared towards the improvement of aesthetic quality (capture of taste and odor compounds such as MIB and geosmin), mitigation of organic carbons (such as disinfection byproduct precursors), herbicides (atrazine), and other emerging contaminants (such as hazardous algal toxins and per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances). The physical characteristics of CarbPure PACs have been optimized to obtain a high degree of dispersion and suspension for excellent contaminant contact making it effective in treating a wide range of water sources.

Gen 1 PACs

Meeting Conventional Industry Standards

Gen 1 Product Lineup:

CarbPure L

CarbPure SV


NSF certified PAC products that meet industry standards like AWWA B600, Iodine Number, BET surface area, Molasses Number, and Phenol Value. These are CarbPure’s workhorse PAC products. This product series is successfully utilized by many of our customers to help them meet their water treatment objectives.

Packaging and Delivery:

All Gen 1 PAC products can be delivered in supersack bags or in dedicated pneumatic bulk trailers.


Gen 2 PACs

Optimized for Contaminant Removal Performance

Gen 2 Product Lineup:

CarbPure H

CarbPure T

CarbPure HRA

CarbPure TRA



These are engineered for challenging raw water sources that have consistently high concentrations of contaminants or experience excursions due to external factors such as seasonal change, lake turnover, or industrial byproducts.

Packaging and Delivery:

All Gen 2 PAC products can be delivered in supersack bags or in dedicated pneumatic bulk trailers.



CarbPure GAC

CarbPure’s granular activated carbon (GAC) products can provide excellent adsorption properties for a wide range of applications, including treatment of organic impurities, disinfection bi-products, and emerging contaminants from drinking water for improved taste and odor. We’re developing new solutions daily. Click below to contact us for more information on our GAC products.