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Powdered Activated Carbon for water purification.

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High Quality Powdered Activated Carbon
ideally suited for treatment of potable water

High Quality Granular Activated Carbon
ideally suited for treatment of potable water

CarbPure Activated Carbon for Water. 

CarbPure products are produced by steam activation of coal under carefully controlled conditions to create both PAC and GAC products specifically designed for enhanced removal of taste and odor causing compounds from potable water supplies. Particle size and density are optimized to obtain a high degree of suspension for excellent water contact. All CarbPure drinking water products meet ANSI/AWWA B600 standards and are certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 61.

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MIB and Geosmin removal testing in various water sources have demonstrated excellent performance versus competitive PAC suppliers.

Strong Atrazine removal has been demonstrated based on Atrazine isotherm results.

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